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Jan 1, 2017
If artificial intelligence (AI) hadn’t hit the mainstream before, it did this year. Google chief executive Sundar Pichai came through with the best sound bite, saying that the world is going from being “mobile-first” to “AI-first.”

Apple squished AI into the iPhone, and Google stuck it in the Pixel. Facebook brought it to the News Feed, and Microsoft put it in Word. Samsung bought AI startup Viv to catch up with Apple’s Siri virtual assistant. And messaging apps like Skype and Messenger now feature chatbots.

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Sep 19, 2016
Deep learning goes to Africa, helps some kids: Last week I told you about Bay Labs and some collaborators taking technology to Africa to help identify symptoms of Rheumatic Heart Disease (RHD) in Kenyan school children. The Bay Labs software uses deep learning to analyze data derived from an ultrasound to take a good educated guess as to whether it’s seeing something consistent with RHD. During the trip, medical professionals scanned 1200 children in four days and were able to spot 48 children with RHD or congenital heart disease.

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Sep 12, 2016
Deep learning + heart doctors in Africa: Good healthcare is punishingly expensive. It relies on vast infrastructure and, in most countries, huge amounts of government support. If you’re unlucky enough to be born in a part of the world with poor healthcare infrastructure then...

The Wall Street Journal

Jan 28, 2016
Bay Labs Inc. launched out of stealth mode today to use deep learning to help medical professionals in developing countries interpret ultrasounds so they can better treat heart disease.